Investing with CRMM Holdings has many advantages over investing in rental real estate yourself.

 DIY Real Estate InvestingInvesting with CRMM Holdings
Initial investmentRequire large amount of money to invest in one property.Can invest in multiple projects and as little as $1,000 in each project.
Time to receive incomeAfter initial investment, the property may not be move-in ready and require additional time and money to improve (or at least time to find first tenant) before producing income.All projects you invest in are already income producing. You start receiving interest payment right away.
Hassle dealing with tenantYou have to find tenant yourself, which means spend time and money in advertising, showing, background checking, lease signing, etc.You don't need to worry about any of those when investing with CRMM. We take care of everything.
Non performing tenantYou may have to deal with non performing tenant, which will cost you considerable amount of time and money.Again, you don't need to worry about that when investing with CRMM. We take care of everything.
Management companyIf you hire property management company to manage your property, you may be charged initial fee, monthly fee (regardless of whether you receiving income or not), tenant finding fee. The total fees usually add up to more than 10% of your total income. And in case of non performing tenant, much much more.We only allocate 9% of ACTUAL rent payment to cover all company operating cost (excluding property specific such as tax, insurance, and repairs). No other fee is charged. If the project you invest in does not receive income, you don't contribute to company cost at all.
Exiting (selling) costYou have large expense when exiting (selling) your investment due to real estate agent commissions.We have our own agent who charges very low commission so our exit cost is almost cut in half (usually we still need to pay buyer's agent's commission). Lower cost means higher profit for investors.
Possible lossIt is possible you sell your property at a loss after expenses.If we sell the property at a loss, we will make up the difference. So you never lose money on your investment.

We are a investment company, not a management company. Because we own all the properties and we keep at least 10% stake of each property allocated to the company itself (skin in the game), we care about the properties much more than regular management company, which has only the management fee at stake.