Foreign Buyer FAQ

How can foreign investor invest in Florida real estate?

Same as US investors. You can invest in our investment projects or invest in whole real property on your own.

Do I need to be United State citizen or resident to buy Florida property?

No. Any legitimate person or entity can purchase real estate in Florida. There are different tax concerns as foreign owner of Florida real estate compare to US resident. You should consult your tax adviser.

Do foreign owners pay more property tax and insurance?

No. Property taxes are decided by the location of the property and tax rate, which is the same for US and foreign owners. You may pay less property tax if the property is your primary residence. Insurance rate is based on factors of the property, not the owner.

Can foreign buyer get mortgage?

Theoretically yes. But most foreign buyers pay cash for their purchase.

Can foreign buyer purchase property without the help of a real estate agent?

Again, theoretically yes. But it is that much more difficult for foreign buyer to buy without agent compare to local buyer. We have agent who can help foreign buyer through the purchase process from beginning to end.