Whole Property Investor

For investors who wants total control and has the resource and prefer to invest in whole property in beautiful central Florida, we can help you too. There are two ways we can work together.

First, we can work with you to identify the property you like, we will purchase the property and allocate 100% of the project to you. You make all decisions for this project such as what improvement to make, how much is the rent, which tenant to select, and most Timbered Houseimportantly, when to sell the property. The project runs like any other project except no other investor has interest in this project.

The other, more traditional approach is, our real estate agent from SRG Florida can help you locate and purchase the property you like, and manage the property for you. We will charge 9% of the actual income as management fee. And when it comes the time to sell the property, our agent can help you market and sell the property at greatly reduced commission.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

(Note, since you are in complete control of the project or property in these above situations, our no loss guarantee does not apply.)